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I create data-driven and strategy-oriented solutions for digital products and services through observing human behavior, along with cultural and environmental aspects.


As a student, I enrolled in courses on Social Communication, Interaction Design, and Computer Science; as my bachelor's, graduate specialization, and master's, subsequently. Nowadays, I am finishing my Ph.D. in Media and Communication.

During 2019 and 2021, I was working as a UX Designer and Researcher at the Behavior, Information, and Technology Lab (BITLab) at Michigan State University, USA.


Adobe XD
Google Analytics


​Heuristic Analysis
Rapid Ethnography
Usability Testing
Focus groups

Card Sorting


Low and High Fidelity Prototype
User Journey
User Stories
Competitive Analysis
User Flow
A/B testing



Heppi | Website and Mobile App

Heppi helps students' cohorts to collect money safely and transparently with a simple and easy-to-use app.

In this project, I was involved in the first ideation meetings. I did user research to help with the business design, creating user-centered solutions, and testing prototypes in different stages of fidelity.

Fintech startup specialized in financial organization for college graduation events.

Baterias Moura | Website

I had the opportunity to create the company’s new website, going from a merely institutional portal to a business touching point. We had created an online service helping end-users to ask for a new battery to be delivered on-site and sellers to find the right product for each model.

Baterias Moura is the largest battery manufacturer in Latin America. 

Pinche | Mobile App

An app to help researchers, professors, and students to find academic events; and organize their calendars. The secondary idea was to promote meetings between academics with similar interests in large events.

This app was designed and prototyped until the high fidelity stage as a project for the CESAR.EDU graduate specialization program.

An app to help academics to organize their events calendar.

Earth Defender | Online Game

Earth Defender is a fun game based on Phoenix, an Atari game from 1982. However, instead of a flat surface, we bent the ground, making the player defend our round planet. The nice Atari nostalgia, with a little twist on the game physics. This game was released on the web (2013-2018) and was a project for the CESAR.EDU graduate specialization program.

Online game developed as an Atari tribute. 

Forum Notifications | Mobile App

This project is a notification app to help collaborative learning and work from students of blended-learning courses in the public system from Pernambuco.

The app was developed along with the Cognitive Sciences and Educational Technologies research group at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.

An app for collaborative learning on education social media.

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