Baterias Moura

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I had the opportunity to create the company’s new website, going from a merely institutional portal to a business touching point. We had created an online service helping end-users to ask for a new battery to be delivered on-site and sellers to find the right product for each model.


Baterias Moura is a traditional company and the biggest player in the battery market in Latin America. However, they had an old website that worked just as an institutional information channel. The only service-oriented feature on the site was the possibility to download battery catalogs in .pdf. 


Therefore, my challenge was to design a new website which could be a stronger service touching with the users.


1 - Car, Bus, Truck, and Moto drivers

2 - Battery Sellers


At the beginning of the process, we had meetings with stakeholders to map the business needs and ideate about the services we could add to the website. The core of Moura’s business is the independent sellers, car workshop owners who use its products. Therefore, I designed solutions to help on both ends.

Some ideas arose during interviews with users and ethnographic observation in some car workshops. 

First, drivers remember Moura when they have a problem in their car, and this is the moment that the website must be handy. Secondly, the sellers used the old website to download the catalogs to manually find the right battery for each car model on the workshop, a user story we could improve.

Therefore, I put these two needs on the top of my priorities for the homepage. The first thing a user should see would be “How to get a new battery.” So, the team designed a battery delivery system. The upper section on the homepage is a searcher to find the nearest seller which would bring the battery and install it on-site. 

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In addition to this, for the car workshop workers who still used the website to download the catalog, we built an autofill searcher where they only need to type the model name to find the right battery.

After having the new features validated with users, we built the other parts of the website, all the institutional pages, and the product landing pages.

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Final Home Mockup

Final Home Mockup

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Baterias Moura had an outdated institutional website that didn't work as a selling point. Therefore, we redesigned the website and built new features like the battery model and battery seller searcher. The battery seller searcher idea made Moura start a delivery system very profitable for the company.