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Pinche is an app to help academics to organize their event calendars, get news on upcoming events, and follow other academics to check any new publication, event participation, and curriculum update.


1 - Academics (researchers, professors, and students)


We had the idea to create a new version of the Lattes Platform, an old and hard-to-use system where every academic researcher must update any new professional achievement. The Lattes works like a database for academic curricula in Brazil.


First, the team ran a survey to get some insights on how a mobile app could help academics on curriculum updates, and other possibilities that could emerge.


Besides the curriculum database problem, the survey showed us (1) a lot of o academics struggling on being aware of all the important events dates and (2) they had problems keeping track of their peers' last achievements.


Then, we designed Pinche to help on all these three fronts. Friendly curriculum database, academic events, and news on peers. So we put the ideas on wireframes and when out of the building.


First Draft



We ran a low-fidelity prototype test with 14 users to check our solutions. The team on this task was a notetaker and an interviewer/conductor of the usability test. We recorded the interactions on video, as well. The main metrics we analyzed in this step were (1) system learning curve, (2) task execution time, (3) user flow mistakes, and (4) qualitative response on satisfaction (using a unipolar 5-point scale).

In the end, we had overall positive feedback, besides an error on the iconographic ideas. A lot of users had a hard time understanding the icons' abstractions. Furthermore, with that in mind, we designed the visual mockups and animated on InVision to ran a high-fidelity prototype.


The high-fidelity prototype test was the last step of this project. We collected all data to elaborate and write an academic paper with the results.